Quality Pipe Cleaning Elevates Inspection Capabilities with ROVVER X

Posted by Olivia Singeron Jan 29, 2021

優質管道清潔有限公司was already in the market for a new sewer inspection crawler that would offer more capability. So when the company secured a long-term contract with a municipality that was using equipment they had been eyeing, the decision became an easy one.

Quality Pipe Cleaning Inspection Van

“We knew having the same technology by purchasing theRovver X下水道檢查履帶would make for a smooth transition and would create a seamless workflow all around,” says Eric Tyler, VP of Quality Pipe Cleaning Co. “Because the Envirosight crawler system already has WinCan built in, the data we collect could be uploaded straight to the municipality’s software database.”

But it wasn’t just this discovery that sold the contracting company on the equipment, Tyler says.

Seeking Out New Inspection Equipment

The northern Virginia-based team saw the ROVVER X at the WWETT show in Indianapolis in 2020 and was impressed by the ease of use it demonstrated. Moreover, it offered the specific capabilities they were looking for in a new system.

ROVVER X Sewer Inspection Crawler


The ROVVER X crawler, which the company recently had built out into a new inspection van, also allowed them to perform long-distance under-drain and conduit pipe inspections, he says.

“For under-drain inspections, our production levels have doubled since,” Tyler says. “The guys were previously going out with push cameras and inspecting 1,000 feet of pipe in a shift—now they’re getting 2,500-2,700.”


優質管道清潔有限公司, which provides a wide variety of underground utility services, has come a long way since owner Thomas Buchwald first opened for business in 1990.

“At the beginning, it was just Tom running a vac truck,” says Tyler. “He had his briefcase-sized cell phone and a notepad and he was running the one-man show.”

Quality Pipe Cleaning Envirosight Van

Today, the company has 41 employees, 11 vac trucks and five CCTV vans. And even with the uncertainty 2020 brought due to the COVID-19 pandemic, Quality Pipe Cleaning had its best year to date.

“Although it’s been a rough year for everybody, we actually had a great year business-wise and are continuing to grow our team,” he says. “It’s a standout group of people here. Despite crazy times, we’re getting through it.”

Tyler credits much of the company’s success over the years to its “turnkey operation” motto.

“We try to get every job done 100% without using subs or having to buy or rent additional equipment for it,” he says. “Whether the job requires cutting concrete out of the pipe or setting up full traffic control, we have every piece of equipment we need for it. When a customer calls and says what they need done, we are able to do it all so they don’t have to worry about calling four different people to finish the job.”

Tackling Precarious Jobs with Ease

Recently, Quality Pipe was called out to assist with a major potential disruption following a construction mistake under a busy road in the area.


“Route 66 is a major 26-mile road coming into D.C. that is currently being widened two lanes each way,” Tyler explains. “There’s a sanitary line that runs underneath it, and a company came in and drilled a huge hole through the pipe. The municipality didn’t know what they were going to do because it handles all of the sanitary waste from the westbound side of 66 to the eastbound side.

“每個人都和任何人在網站,因為拉斯維加斯t thing they were going to do was dig up 66 and shut down six lanes of traffic,” he says. “We used the ROVVER X crawler and快速鎖定點修複套管from PRT to band a new section of pipe onto the damaged section. It was pretty crazy, but everything went really smoothly and we successfully repaired the pipe.”


Local Service and Support

Quality Pipe Cleaning Inspection Capabilities

The team at Quality Pipe serves customers big and small across a generous area: as far north as Baltimore, MD, all the way down to Richmond, VA, into West Virginia, and to the eastern shore. The company’s large footprint requires quite a bit of travel, so having local support from its Envirosight dealer has been a game changer, Tyler says.

“這就是我們最初考慮獲得環境的原因之一,即基礎設施解決方案組(ISG)基本上在我們的後院,”他說。“該團隊有現象,尤其是盧克卡赫爾斯基,他們最初在Rovver X上銷售我們。如果出現問題,我們不需要運送海外設備,我們有人有權幫助我們。在附近有一個很好的經銷商是我們的一件好事,因為我們繼續進化並擴展到新市場。“

The versatile ROVVER X sewer inspection crawler is available in three crawler body sizes to address applications from 4 to 96 inches diameter. To learn more, request a free on-site demo today:


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