A Visual Guide to the Versatile ROVVER X

Posted by Allison Symondson May 20, 2021
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Damaged pipes, varied materials, laterals and main lines—ROVVER Xis the ever-adaptable inspection crawler that can do it all. Whether you’re conducting routine assessments or on an emergency call out, Envirosight’s versatile crawler is easily configured for unique pipe conditions. The system is designed to be adaptable, so that inspection crews can get more bang for the buck and avoid investing in additional unnecessary equipment

Our new poster makes it easy to choose the right solution for any job. This free downloadable resource lays out all the components and accessories that allow sewer pros to do their best work.

  • Twelve tool-free quick-change wheel options can outfit your crawler for any line size, material or condition. And 6-wheel drive provides enhanced traction and mobility in damaged or debris-filled lines.
  • It also shows the camera lift, carriage and lamp accessories that quickly transform your system to inspect lines ranging from four to 96” in diameter.
  • Inspection crews capture augmented assessment data with the side scanning camera add-on, or attach our laser profiler to measure ovality and create geometric models.

Wastewater operators manage complex systems, and no two lines are the same. Download the complete, illustrated ROVVER X configuration poster and find the best fit for any line.

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